Special Philadelphia Projects

I was sponsored by Recycle Bank to paint a lifesize pig sculpture in 2006, my  pig “Daisy” was auctioned off to benefit the Chestnut Hill Community Fund, the Preservation and Beautification  of the Chestnut Hill District and the Philadelphia Zoo. A local lawyer, Marilyn Monaco purchased Daisy and gave her to the Chestnut Hill Hotel to display at the nearby Farmer’s Market .  After a recent renovation project, Daisy appeared on the roof. Now I know that pigs really can fly with the help of art sponsors!


2006 unveiling in front of Bredenbeck’s Bakery on Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia

In front of Chestnut Hill Farmer’s Market

2016 on top of  popular,  Farmer’s Market in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia


University of Pennsylvania, November 18,2014 

16:30- reading my writing

Kelly Writers House - The Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing

at the University of Pennsylvania November 18, 2014

    Link to Archived reading starts at 16:30 (to see my entire presentation start at 9:52)



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